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11 Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

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list of digital marketing tools


With the increasing level of competition, a business needs strong digital marketing tools that can get exponential growth in the respective business domain. You can increase the traffic of your website using SEO tools. This tool helps you to increase the traffic rate of your website. Using the best SEO tools, you can get more leads. In essence, you can prepare answers before your customers search for them using this tool.

Types of SEO

There are mainly four types of SEO, you can get them from free digital marketing tools providers.

1. On-page SEO

In this SEO, you can optimize the content written on your website. The main focus would be on the keywords, images, meta descriptions, and titles.

2. Off-page SEO

This type of SEO is mainly working through link generation. The linking and backlinking process mainly works here to promote your website using this SEO method.

3. Local SEO

This is a specific type of SEO that is used to reach the local market or local audience. You can get free SEO tools to increase the online presence of your business in your local area.

4. Technical SEO

This SEO is relatively complex and used to enhance customers’ experience. Using technical SEO tools, you can increase the speed of your business website and so on.


Bulk URL opener – open multiple URLs at once


With the use of the Bulk URL opener, you can open multiple web pages in different tabs of your browser. This feature helps researchers or SEO experts open multiple work tabs. You do not need to install other applications to use this URL opener. Therefore, you can increase your productivity using this feature of your browser as you can open multiple links for your research or work.

➼ Features of spreadme Bulk Url Opener


bulk url opener - digital marketing tool


With the use of this feature, you can open all URLs that you require to do your work. For that, you just have to visit the respective extension and type the links, or you can copy and paste them here to open all the links in respective tabs. You do not have to open a single tab and type the respective URL to open the webpage.


The features of an efficient bulk link opener are quite simple and user-friendly. You just have to copy your URLs and paste them into the opener. You can also create a separate window to open your URLs.

➼ How Spreadme bulk URL opener work


Before opening a web URL opener, you have to prepare the list of URLs you are going to open for your work. If you are going to use this feature for your SEO job, then you have to prepare all the links you can insert into the content.


However, after opening the feature, you just have to paste all the URLs into the given platform. Thereafter, you have to click “open all” if you want to open all the links. Hence, all the web pages will open in separate tabs using those links. You can do all your work comfortably using this feature.


Bulk url opener - spreadme Digital


➼ Benefits of using Spreadme Bulk URL Opener


Suppose you work as a researcher and you are preparing your thesis paper. For that, you need to visit at least 10 websites in one glance as you do not have the time to go through them individually within due time. Therefore, you have to open all the web pages in your web browser.


However, if your browser support opening multiple URLs then your work for the research will reduce, and you can submit your thesis on time. This special feature benefits the user to do wide research, or you can open multiple links to post your content if you are an SEO expert.


Robot file generator – index your website easily


Do you have a higher-reach website, and are you the manager of that website? If yes, you may have used some tools to hide your admin credentials. With the use of a robot file generator, you can hide some elements of content or credentials from the website.


You can create a robots.txt tool to hide the elements. Therefore, when the crawler will visit your website, it cannot find the hidden things stored in those files. This tool is widely used to index your websites on search engines.


➼ Features of spreadme Robot file generator


robot.txt generator - digital marketing tool


Before recommending the website, you may want to verify the content beforehand so it would meet the purpose widely. Similarly, using a robot text generator, you can guide the crawler on what to see and what to escape. Mainly you would prepare a roadmap using this tool for the crawler.


This generator would create simple text files that the crawler would read to rank the website per the index law. You can also use a robot’s.txt generator for sites where the crawler has not yet reached. Added to this, you can specify your requirement also using this generator. You just have to give information to the crawler on what to use for indexing your website.


➼ How Spreadme Robot file generator work


The procedure of working a robot.txt generator is very simple. You have to create files for the crawlers. These files would contain information about the sites the crawler can reach. In simple words, after publishing your website, the crawler of the search engine, Google Crawler, in this case, would visit your website and read all the content along with the links you have put in your content.


robot.txt file generator - digital marketing tool


Therefore, the crawler would rank your website according to indexing norms. But you can guide the crawler on what part of your website you want to show and what not. The crawler would do according to the robot files.


➼ Benefits of using Spreadme Robot file generator


robot.txt file generator - digital marketing tool



Well, you can create a robots.txt generator for free to increase the visibility of your website. Using this generator, you can easily create robot files to guide the crawler to access your website content and data. You can exclude the content or data from your website using these files. Therefore, the crawler would do as per your instructions. Moreover, you can protect your admin credentials easily with these files.


Word count tools – count words with accuracy


Checking the number of words for your article or blog becomes essentially important when you do SEO work. Therefore, using a Word count tool changes the entire game as you can easily count the number of words you have written or required on a particular page.


Added to this, the chances of exceeding the word count are much less if you use a character count tool. These tools are effective in calculating the total number of words on your website. You can easily add or delete unnecessary wordings from your content if you check your word count simultaneously.


➼ Features of spreadme World count tool


word count tool - digital marketing tool


Generally, an online character count tool is popped up on your website after you visit the respective website. You can count the total characters you have written in your post accurately. Character count is important as you can guess the density of writing. In simple words, using an online word count tool can give you many features.


You can add or less the number of words from your article and use it in real-time as you do not have to copy the entire article and paste it into word files to check the number of words.


➼ How Spreadme World count tool works


First, you need to access the free word count tool to bring the pop-up option to your website. After you fill-up the credentials to use the features, you can easily measure the number of words for your content. The tool will access the number of words your website has contained along with the characters your website has.


word count tool - spredame digital



Moreover, you can check the content in a pagewise format, and the number of pages will be shown in this pop-up option accordingly. Using the SEO word count tool, you can easily assess the number of words your website needs to complete the post.


➼ Benefits of using Spreadme World count tool


Let’s consider that you are a blog poster of a website and post a huge amount of content on various websites. Therefore, you may have faced that each website has a limit on posting a blog, and it is related to word count.


Hence, you can use a word character count tool to check the number of words in your content before you post them on the respective website. You can easily post the full content after checking its word counts using this tool.


Keyword density checker – get a higher ranking on Google


To show your web article at the top list of the search engine, you have to use SEO keywords. The more you will apply the keywords in your content, the more it will have the chance to show in the top search list. Using a Keyword density checker, you can easily check the article’s number of keywords.


For instance, if you have used the keyword about 11 times in your 100 words article, then the keyword volume checker would show 11% as the rate you have used the keyword in your article. If you want to show your content to a large audience, then you have to increase the volume of your keywords so that your page would appear more on screen.


➼ Features of Spreadme Keyword Density


keyword density checker - spreadme digital


To put your website on the top list, you have to check the keyword search volume of your content. The more you put the keyword in your article, the more it will have the chance to appear on the top screen. The features of a keyword density tool allow you to know the volume of the keyword your article has used.


Sometimes it would take time to load the page if the page contains a higher keyword volume. Therefore, your user may experience delays in loading. Hence, you can use a keyword density analyzer to cut down the excess use of keywords in your content, so the website works completely fine.


➼ Check How Spreadme Keyword Density Checker works.


The process of using this checker is extensively simple. You have to follow a two-step process to do that. First, you have to visit this free keyword density checker using the normal web URL and find the blank space given in the bottom section.


keyword density checker - spreadme digital


On the other side, you have to prepare your content. For this, you can copy your content and paste it into the blank space of this URL. Added to this, you must paste the keywords used in this content. Finally, you have to click “check” to see how much your keywords are densely located in your content.


➼ Benefits of using Spreadme Keyword Density Checker


The first benefit you can get using a free keyword search volume tool is maximizing or minimizing your content’s keyword density. Therefore, you can keep track of your content appearance on search engines. Moreover, you can get the top position of search engines using this tool extensively.


Mega tags checker – optimize meta title & description correctly.


Nowadays, competition at the web level has increased tremendously as all the SEO experts are posting content on the website using meta tags. These tags are generally used to show the web crawler that your page and your content are also worthy. Therefore, you can run your content through a Meta tag checker to verify whether it is contained with a meta tag or not.


Using a meta tag analyzer also helps you to know what meta tag you should use to increase the traffic to your webpage. Appropriate usage of meta tags in your content can increase web traffic or even improve web ranking.


➼ Features of spreadme Meta Tags Checker


meta tag checker - spreadme digital


Meta tags are used to show the information contained in a webpage through some words. You can use meta tags to reach out to more users of your webpage. Using a meta tag tester will help you to check whether the title and subheadings of your main content are relevant or not.


You can use check the meta tags of the website to show the website has sufficient meta tags to increase the view of not. Therefore, this feature can enhance your website’s traffic and improve your webpage’s visibility. This detector will tell you the correct meta tag, which you can use to increase the visibility of your webpage.


➼ How Spreadme Meta Tags Checker works


The process of checking the meta tags of your content is now very easy. You just have to visit the link for the website metadata checker and paste the content of your website there. Generally, meta tags are used in content titles and headings to increase the visibility of your website.


meta tag checker - spreadme digital


Therefore, this detector will show you where you need to improve your content after pasting the content on the checker. If the content is not relevant per the SEO guidelines, then it would suggest some changes.


➼ Benefits of using Spreadme Meta Tags Checker


Sometimes you can ignore the SEO keywords while framing your content; therefore. As a result, the content loses its viewers as it would not reach the target audience.


meta tag checker - spreadme digital



Using a meta-tag analyzer tool will guide you to add these tags wisely in your content, and a meta-data analyzer will help you to frame your content accordingly. Moreover, you can guide the crawler efficiently to read your content as per your terms.


Broken link checker- find the dead link in a minute.


Before you start doing the SEO work, you need a proper list of URLs that you going to use to create links and backlinks. You have to check which link is useful and which is not to post your content. Hence, using a broken link checker, you can easily identify which links are broken. Therefore, you cannot use them in your work.


You can use a dead link checker to identify which links you suppose not to use in your SEO work. After identifying the broken links, you can easily fix them using the “Plug-In” option from your web browser.

➼ Features of Spreadme Broken Link


broken link checker - spreadme digital


After running this extension of the backlink checker, you can easily reject those links, which can minimize your traffic rate. In short, you can easily trace the links, which can lead you to errors, using this free backlink checker.


Broken links are generally those websites where you cannot find any information rather, you would see “error” instead of information. Therefore, this tool is essentially used to check only the working links only thus you can increase your web traffic rate using these essential links. You can run the checker for internal as well as external links also.


➼ Checker How Spreadme Broken Link Checker works


The process of installing a website backlink checker is quite complex, unlike the other checkers. You have to install the backlink checker tool in your WordPress to check all the links while you work on your SEO works. This is a form of a file that you have to install to check all the backlinks.


The file will be stored in your database, and you must install the checker on your SEO portal. After installing the tool, you have to go to WordPress and on the “Plugin” option to run verification of all links. This tool will assess all your links to find out which are broken.


➼ Benefits of using Spreadme Broken Link Checker


Suppose you are working to increase your website visibility, and you have added a few links and created backlinks as well with your content. Now you have found out your website has not met the target user after the dedicated time. Broken backlinks can create many errors like this thus, you can easily avoid them using the website broken link checker. Using this checker, you can increase your web traffic and put correct links in your content.


Domain Age Checker – Check the Correct Age of Any Domain


Choosing the correct domain is important for quality research. You can get the stability of the links that you going to put in your SEO work if you choose old domains. Using a Domainagechecker, you can easily find the age of the link that you going to use in your SEO work.


In other words, a domain age checker can estimate how long the URL has been in the search engine. Choosing the old domains for SEO work can help you to reach more with quality content. For these reasons, some companies prefer buying old domains for their marketing work.


➼ Features of Spreadme Domain Age


domain age checker - spreadme digital



Using a website age checker, you can check the number of years the websites have been in the search engine. You can easily use the tool; for that, you have to visit the dedicated site. Thereafter, you have to click the option bulk domain age checker, and a dedicated area will display on your screen.



domain age checker - spreadme digital


You just have to put the URLs of those websites which you want to check. This checker will identify the dates of registration of these websites along with the date when the search engine indexes these websites. You can trace dates easily using this efficient tool.


➼ Check How Spreadme Domain Age Checker works.


Using a site age checker tool is very simple and time-saving. Manually, it is a lengthy process to identify when the website was registered and ranked in the search engine. Therefore, a domain age checker tool becomes very handy to check the age of the respective URLs without any hustle. You can use this tool without sharing any credentials as the website will not ask you to share your details before using the tool.


domain age checker - spreadme digital


  • First, you have to visit the respective URL where you can use this domain age checker online tool.
  • Second, you have to find out the respective space where you can paste your URL to check its age.
  • Finally, you have to click the “check” option to run the entire procedure.


➼ Benefits of using Spreadme Domain Age Checker


domain age checker - spreadme digital


Checking the age of the domain is essentially important as a stable domain can lead your business to success. Therefore, you can get an idea about which domain you can use as it has stability and which domain will expire soon. Therefore, you can do your links and backlinks work according to that.


XML Sitemap – Easy to Create the XML file


After you create a website, you have direct the crawler to visit your website to rank your website in the search engine. Using a sitemap generator, you can easily direct the crawler about which part of your website it should read and prepare the index accordingly.


For that, you have to create XML files using an XML sitemap generator, and this file will guide the search engine to view your website. Using this amazing tool, you can easily guide the search engine about your pages and links related to your content.


➼ Features of spreadme XML Sitemap


XML sitemap generator - spreadme digital


The search engine, Google, in this case, ranks pages after reviewing each website. The search engine crawler will visit your page, find out what is on the website, and rank it accordingly. Therefore, guiding the crawler about what it should review on your website becomes important as your rank can improve in that way.


You have to use a free sitemap generator that will create an XML site to guide the crawler. This online sitemap generator will rank your pages and prepare valuable information to provide the crawler. Therefore, the rank of the page will automatically improve as you can show the crawler what to take from your website.


➼ How Spreadme XML Sitemap works


To improve your website ranking through SEO, you have to create XML sitemap files. After the creation of these files, the generator will start working on your website. It would view all your pages and rank the pages according to their visibility and content. Thereafter, it would prepare a roadmap about how to visit and review your website for the crawler.


You can use this website sitemap generator to create those XML files. After adding this file to your website, the crawler will follow this file only as a roadmap to review your website for the search engine. Thus, the crawler would see only those things on your website that you want it to see.


➼ Benefits of using Spreadme XML Sitemap


This sitemap is generally used to guide the crawler to visit the websites. However, there are many benefits of using a sitemap creator online.


• First, this generator will create XML files for your website where you can create your sitemap.
• Second, it will list down all your site’s URLs in its content.
• Third, this generator will shape the content per the search engine’s priory.
• Finally, it will improve the rank of your website.


Google Catch Checker – Find out cached WebPages Fast.


With the rapid pace of the internet, webmasters constantly change the information on the website or modify it for better outcomes. They keep deleting the information on the website to speed up the process. However, sometimes deleted information is required to modify some content of your website.


Using the google cache checker, you can check when the last time a website is modified by its admin. Therefore, you can also check the time when your browser was down due to some reason with this efficient cache checker tool. Mainly, this is a backup process you can do to revive the previous set of your website.


➼ Features of spreadme Google Catch Checker



Generally, a website cache checker has multiple attributes used to find the cache from the websites. The features of this checker include a space where you can put the URL that you want to search. This checker will take out the cache from Google with the use of metrics and analytics.


For instance, the content of your website, along with other elements, especially the links, are getting reviewed initially by the crawler. However, the crawler is also taking snapshots of the website in the meantime when it does the indexing work. Therefore, this cache checker tool will detail the cache of the website as per your command. It would take the cache from Google.


➼ How Spreadme Google Catch Checker works


You have to follow a simple procedure to get the cache of any website. This cache checker online tool is very handy in this case as the procedure is very simple in this. For that, you require the webpage URL you want to check for its cache.


google catch checker - spreadme digital


After getting the URL you have to visit this checker. You can see space there, and you must paste your URL here and click the ‘check’ option. Thereafter, all the cache of the website will appear on your screen. You can take relevant information from the page.


➼ Benefits of using spremade Google Catch Checker


Using this site cache checker can fetch you many benefits. First, this checker allows you to easily access any deleted information from any webpage. Secondly, you can use the information which you got from the cache using the google cache checker tool. Thirdly, you can add more value to your content and improve your search rankings if you use the cache information properly.


Lead Management Software – Manage leads & Increase sales.


Does your business need more leads to expand the domain? Well, in that case, you can use the business lead generation software to get more leads and increase opportunities for your business. This software is very useful for tracking down the business procedure and monitoring all the opportunities a business can have in the industry.


You can easily cut the business competition by using lead generation software for small businesses. As you can simply get more leads, thus the volume of your sale will automatically improve after using this software in your business. You can easily improve the brand value of your product using this efficient lead management tool.


➼ Features of spreadme Lead Management Software



lead management software - spreadme digital



The first thing you can get from the lead generation tools for small businesses is structuring the business. Added to this, this software has the following features also;


Lead analysis: after getting the lead, this software will analyze the source it has used to get the lead. Therefore, it can increase the chance of originality of the leads. In other words, you can easily cover the lead into your sale with a little promotion of your production.


Forecasting: This software uses CRM and a project management tool to streamline the project. Therefore, this software is efficient enough to fetch you forecasts about the sale, and it will enhance the chances of conversion with these efficient tools.


➼ How Spreadme Lead Management Software works



lead management software - spreadme digital



Like a typical local business lead generation system, this software works on the grassroots level to collect and assess the leads.


  • First, it would send and collect information about the business leads across various channels.
  • Secondly, this software will collect all the information from the vested informers regarding the leads and confirm them.
  • Finally, this software will set a priority list where the most important lead gets the first position as per its convertibility.


You can use a lead management tool for free initially for your business and then decide what area of your business you need more exploration.


➼ Benefits of using Spreadme Lead Management Software



lead management software - spreadme digital


Using the best lead generation CRM software can fetch your business relevant and genuine leads thus, you can use it to increase your sales volume. You can choose the lead after the nurturing process to get the most from the leads.


lead management software - spreadme digital


Added to this, you can filter out the leads which you will use later. You can measure the leads as per the marketing numerics to get the best results from the leads.

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