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About Word Count

Imagine in the middle of the work you have a call to verify a number of documents which are filled with a huge amount of paragraphs, characters, sentences, pages, words etc. what would you do? What if you have a tool to do all this work for you? This tool can count how many words are there in documents, paragraphs, sentences and the fun part is it is unlimited.

This useful word count tool is compatible with all common web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer. This application may be used to count the number of words and characters in books, essays, novels, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook updates. This word count software also helps you to check how main words are contained in your meta description and title etc.

Why is word count important?

Every platform whether it's a blog, website, corporate documents, e-book. Different types of platforms have a limitation of words that we have to follow. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram were created for easy reading and quick consumption. This is why, if you are a digital marketer or social media manager, you need to be aware of the character limitations of social media sites.

If you are publishing or managing social media posts, you should be aware of the character restrictions for the platform you are using. The following are the character limitations for prominent social networking networks.

Twitter - Allows for up to 280 characters (increased from the previous 140 characters).

Facebook - Posts can have a maximum of 63,206 characters and comments can have a maximum of 8,000 characters.

Instagram - Has a restriction of 30 hashtags and a description limit of 2,200 characters.

LinkedIn - The headline content is restricted to 120 characters, the summary section to 2,000 characters, the position title to 100 characters, and the description box to 1,000 characters.

Word count for SEO (improve your rankings)

As Bill Gates once said, “content is a king”. Word count plays an important part if you are writing for an SEO. The majority of high-ranking content you see on the internet is above 2000 words or while most of them are at least 1500 words.

Long-form articles are believed to be evergreen content that is why they receive more clicks over a period of time. Longer articles are considered more authoritative. When you need to publish longer material, you may include additional facts and information in your post to make it more valuable.

As a consequence, your content will be more valuable, greater the chances of the piece being shared and linked to. The more social shares and backlinks you get, the higher your website or the page will rank.

Using the SEO word count tool you can ensure that your content meets the minimum number of words required for SEO best practices. A high word count does not ensure good search rankings, but it will undoubtedly benefit in the long term.

How to use an online word counter or character counter tool?

The Word Count Tool is extremely simple to use and may provide practically quick results. It will display the word count for the number of words, characters, phrases, and paragraphs in the document.

It also works as a free character counter and can count words in Google Docs, PDF files, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe InDesign, and a variety of other programmes.Simply copy the text from any file type or webpage and paste it into the Word Counter Tool input field.

Word Counter Tool can specify the number of words in a paragraph as well as the overall number of words in a novel, essay, or book. There is no maximum limit to the amount of words that can be counted.

Unlike most other word counter tools, our Word Counter Tool has no restriction on the quantity of text you may count. It is entirely free to use and there are no restrictions on how many times you may use it.

Why use spreadMe word count tool?

  • Unlike Microsoft Word and Google Docs, You can copy and paste any type of text to count words in a document.
  • SpreadMe free online word count,you may conduct a word count on google docs, Microsoft Word file, Microsoft Excel sheet, academic essays, or a character count for your Google Ads search ad, Facebook posts, Instagram caption, and many other things.
  • Free to use.
  • Give instant result.
  • SpreadMe Word Counter Tool will be a helpful addition to your workflow whether you are a digital marketer, SEO professional, writer, blogger, or student.