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SpreadMe.digital started in 2014 with the vision and goal of working with businesses and nonprofits for helping to find retain and engage customers online so they can grow.

We only work with Micro, Small, and Medium size businesses to help them acquire new customers through digital platforms.

I personally feel that the company has to work on only what they are in BEST apart from that, they should outsource everything.

You should hire a digital marketing partner agency if you are…

✓ Are you working overtime to run your business and grow revenue?

✓ Are you ending up wearing multiple hats as you can’t hire every skill?

✓ Are you so busy that you’re not able to build strategies to gain new customers and revenue?

Our work strategy is completely different.


Who only focuses on making a business reputation on top of every channel.

Who focus on planning digital marketing campaign and strategy for your business.

Who focus strategy and execution with a maximum return of investment. (They work on a target based to achieve results)

This will be integrated with all digital marketing platforms to acquire your potential customer details.


% client retention rate (We don’t give up until you are happy)


% lead/revenue growth each month (Results are all that matters to us)


Happy clients (Pleasure of working with them)


Months client tenure (Our client stick around long term with us)

From 1 Man Show to 9 Solid Avengers Team.

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