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Social Media Management

Promote Story & News on the Right Platform

Be the first one to come and focus on the procedure of managing your online presence on multiple social media platforms through us. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram, we will cover it all!

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    Our Expertise

    Facebook Marketing

    As you can pretty much see the name itself, we will be targeting one of the most used social media channels of all time, Facebook, for establishing your business ground.

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    Instagram Marketing

    We can create picture-perfect content using videos & photos of your business. This visual nature work in your favor with more customers coming towards your side.

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    LinkedIn Marketing

    Thanks to our LinkedIn marketing, you get a chance to generate leads, drive traffic & then build brand awareness. Marketing will help you engage professional communities to move in some actions.

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    Twitter Marketing

    This strategic plan will create, publish, and distribute content for the buyer personas, followers, and audiences. All will be done through this social media platform called Twitter.

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    YouTube Marketing

    YouTube is known for its beautiful and informative videos. Well, let us take that opportunity to create incredible videos of your business and let people know more about your brand name.

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    Pinterest Marketing

    We will present a set of tactics to add Pinterest to the business's more effective social media marketing strategy. It helps reach new audiences & then grows some awareness for products & brands.

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    Our Services‌

    Pages Management

    We will be presenting you with help straight from the pages manager over here. His main goal is to let the admins check their current page activity and view the insights. They will get a response from audiences from mobile devices for you.

    Content Creation

    We will be contributing information to any possible media, especially to the digital media sector, for the audience or end-user in specific contexts. It will help you let people know more about your services and find the answer to your queries.

    Influencer Marketing

    At present, we will be working in the field of Influencer Marketing. It is one major form of social media marketing, which will involve endorsements and product placement from people, influencers, and organizers, who will have a purported expert level of social influence or knowledge in this field.

    Why SpreadMe ?

    Our team of experts at SpreadMe consists of social media managers. They are always in charge of representing the firm across various social channels and acting out as the brand's sole voice. They respond to your comments, create content and then compile campaigns. So, you can expect to get the best services from our side, all the time.

    Dedicated Account Managers

    Join hands with our dedicated account managers. No matter whatever account you are dealing with, our dedicated managers will be able to take active control of all on your behalf and let you concentrate on other projects.

    Custom Social Media Strategy

    We believe that there isn’t any universal social media strategy that will work on behalf of every client. So, we are ready to explore this field quite a lot and present you with customized social media strategies, which will differ based on your program.

    Diverse Marketing Experience

    From us, you can enjoy marketing experience in multiple sectors. So, there are various factors related to diverse marketing arenas. Right from Facebook to Twitter, and many more, there are various sectors to consider over here.

    Transparent Reporting

    This is yet another strategic point that helps our company be the best in this competitive journey. You get to enjoy transparent reporting from our side after every project segment gets completed.

    Make Your Business Global Brand With Leading SMM Agency

    Publishing outstanding contents on your social networking sites to connect with your target audience to strengthen your brand, boost sales, and generate traffic to your website. listening to and engaging with followers, evaluating your performance, and executing social media advertising.

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      Most Relevant FAQ

      How much should I spend on social media marketing?

      Never try to pinpoint a budget even before consulting a social media marketer. Depending on your project and the number of channels to cover, the rates will differ.

      How often should I post on my social channels?

      Every day, it is mandatory to post your business-based social media channels if you want it to grow and hype up a bit. People will be waiting for your news every day.

      What type of social media content converts best?

      Interactive content will allow viewers to respond to the topics in more than just likes and comments. Apart from that, you have strong positive content, e-books, and visual content to work well.

      Is Paid Social Media Advertising a Good Idea?

      If you have a well-trained team of professional social media advertisers, then you can pay them for a good idea. Otherwise, you can just rely on our team to the rescue.

      What social media marketing services do you offer?

      We are ready to cover all kinds of social media marketing services. Some of the noteworthy ones here are search engine optimization or SEO, Pay Per Click or PPC Advertisement, Web design and development, and more.

      Can you run successful marketing campaigns for different platforms?

      With the help of our experts, you can easily run some of the most successful marketing campaigns for multiple platforms. Whether Twitter, Facebook, and more, we can create campaigns for all kinds of platforms to try out over here.