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(Murder Mystery) Entertainment Industry

This digital marketing case study shows the growth of a company in the entertainment industry and how entertainment marketing generates traffic and revenue.

  • 20000+

    Monthly Users

  • 130%

    Online Sales

  • 56000+

    Monthly Page Views

Client Overview


About Murder Mystery Company

Keith O’Leary and Margo Morrison, creators of Murder Mystery Weekend and Murder Mystery USA, are award winning writers, producers, and directors with extensive backgrounds in motion picture, television, and theatrical production. Since 1985 they have been responsible for over 7000 live and virtual mystery productions worldwide and have been featured in the print and television media in over 35 different countries.


The client was looking for an SEO expert who can increase organic traffic and generate inquiries.

Our Approach & Strategy

Off -Page SEO Activities

Our team working on off-page related SEO activities like link building for entertainment event murder mystery.

Webpage Optimization

We created the perfect button interaction report to improve clients' entertainment business. The main area is to optimize the online entertainment pages.

Google Ads Campaign

We prepared the best Google Ads Campaign Optimization for our client. These are Negative Keywords, New Search Terms, Ad copies, etc.

Content Review & Marketing

We have a team working on an entertainment content review to make changes for updating the site. Our team did content marketing on multiple social media channels.

What You Can Expect

The webpage from SpreadMe Digital details their digital marketing strategies for the entertainment industry, specifically focusing on a case study of entertainment show marketing.


20000+ Monthly users


130% Monthly Online Sales


56000+ Monthly Page Views


7000+ Clicks received on monthly basis.

Organic SEO Traffic

Here, we have 43.5% of direct sales, 18.4% of organic search, and 35.6% of paid search from our source. The rest goes to social and referral services.



✓ Total 11 keywords started ranking on 1st page of Google search results in December month.

✓ Our main keyword “Virtual Murder Mystery” started ranking to the 2nd page (12th Position) of Google search results.

✓ We will get that keyword on 1st page of search results in the coming months.

✓ In January 2023, we can expect a few more keywords to be on 1st page of search results.


Banner Ads

We have a magical and strategic combination of the Ads and the Murder Mystery Banners, which will help you to get the attention you want from the targeted audiences right away. It will actually help them to get some more impressions. Our services and banner ads have helped increase the conversion rate by around 45% in just one month.


Most Relevant Faq

How does Spreadme help you to get your business on top?

Spreadme is known to offer quality backlinking campaigns, e-results, and more to help get the business right on top. They can create a personalized content calendar as well.

Can you guarantee results?

With Spreadme by your side, you can always receive guaranteed results, much like you have asked for. There is no need to look anywhere else.

How long will it take to see results?

You will start seeing results right from the moment your website gets live. It is a simple way to improve your brand name and entertainment business.

Why should I choose a Spreadme digital marketing agency over a freelancer?

There are many reasons to choose Spreadme over any freelancer for lead generation services. We can clean up website errors and optimize the same for boosting rankings. We will develop a personalized content calendar with unique content.