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Technical SEO Services

It is the Foundation to Scale Digital Marketing Success

Get high-quality traffic and generate more leads by improving the performance of your website with SpreadMe marketing agency Technical SEO services.

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    Our Expertise

    Website Architecture Audit

    This is a notable process of analysing and then tracking the major website performance metrics. It will impact all the areas of the website. The main goal is to identify shortcomings of the website’s structure to affect the performance negatively.

    Structured Data Markup

    This form of service helps the search engines to understand ways to interpret and then display the content. There is a standard list of the mark-up, which all the major search engines have collectively agreed to support.

    Website Migration

    Also known as SEO migration, it is one way of transferring search engine ranks, indexing signals and authority for reflecting some major changes in your website URL or the website structure. This migration guarantees that you won’t lose any search engine visibility.

    Penalty Recovery

    There are some steps related to Penalty recovery, and we are able to cover the tasks on your behalf. We will first check if there is any ranking problem and then investigate the recent updates associated with algorithms before taking the next steps forward.

    Speed Optimization

    Here, our main goal is to improve the technical sections of the website for increasing the ranking of pages in the search engines. The main goal is to make websites faster, understandable for search engines and easier to crawl.

    Competitor Analysis

    Here, we are going to analyse the SEO strategies which the competitors will be using for leveraging to some higher ranks in SERP. It might include deciphering links, on-page SEO techniques, and content, along with some other tactics.

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    Why SpreadMe ?

    The main goal of technical SEO is to ensure that the website remains highly compatible with the guidelines presented by search engines. It will help your website to be crawled and then indexed without facing any issues at all. We have been associated with the guidelines of technical SEO for a long time and would love to determine the main aspects of your website, which must be improved for that seamless online experience.

    Guaranteed Results

    Whenever we take up a project, we always try to give out absolute best. So, no matter how tough your condition is, we offer guaranteed results.

    Dedicated SEO Professionals

    Our hiring process is pretty tiresome as we don’t believe in settling for anything less. So, our team consists of dedicated SEO experts, always ready to match your needs.

    We’re Always Getting Better

    We always keep on getting better with every SEO project we have handled so far. That’s because we welcome modern technologies all the time to make lives simple for people.

    Transparent Reporting

    We maintain transparent communication with our clients all the time. So, anything that is happening with their project, they are the first to know!

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      Most Relevant FAQ

      How long does Technical SEO take to get results?

      While there is no accurate answer regarding how long it takes to achieve organic benefits from your SEO efforts, Our experts agree that it usually takes four to six months. In only a few weeks, you might start witnessing improvement in organic ranking and an increase in traffic for keyword categories with low competition. On the other hand, Moderately competitive subjects may take months, while very competitive keywords could take a year or more!

      how much does it cost to implement an SEO campaign?

      The cost of Technical SEO depends upon a variety of factors. Before determining to price, We will analyze your current brand awareness and visibility in organic searches, as well as your company goals and target audience. We Guaranty that you will get what you pay for.

      Will you work with my competitor?

      No, when we deal with a client, we work only in their region or territory.

      How will I know it is working?

      That’s simple! You’ll be able to see an immediate boost in visibility and traffic. We’ll utilize your first rank for a certain group of keywords as a baseline. We may check your improved ranking in Google search engine results regularly. We’ll log into Google Analytics together and examine your website’s traffic trends. Because organic results might take some time to trickle through the system, we’ll keep you updated with weekly progress updates in the meantime.

      How technical SEO helps local businesses to grow?

      Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website more visible in search engines. It can assist your website get high search engine rankings by organically growing your online presence.

      Drives Traffic to Your Website

      Building your brand’s authority

      Promotes Positive User-Experience

      Helps Build Up Engagement and Conversion Rate

      Increase Led Generation

      Make Your Brand Valuable

      Produces Long-lasting Results


      Why is technical SEO important for your business?

      Technical SEO is necessary since it guarantees that your website is easy to use and free of technical difficulties that prohibit search engines from recognizing and ranking it. You should use technical SEO to acquire organic traffic and convert it into consumers.