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Domain Age Checker

What is a domain age checker?

To check the exact age of a website from where it starts till it is active. It is essential when it comes to website ranking by the search engine.

So, for example, if a domain name was registered in 2020, the domain age will be 10 years by 2030.

The domain age tool can be used not only as a domain age checker but also as:

  • Domain expiry date checker
  • Domain IP address checker
  • Web host checker
  • Domain name server checker
  • Domain registrar checker

Why is it important?

Because the older a domain becomes, the more trust and authority it gains in the eyes of search engines.

There is a good chance that an aged domain has a high backlink profile because it has been around for a long time.

It will help you to save the time, money, and effort that would otherwise be required to rank a newly created domain.

Before owning an existing domain, conduct a more in-depth analysis using domain NS Lookup and Alexa traffic rank checker. Perform a link analysis and look for broken links. Check the website's operating system and hosting provider before making a final decision to buy a new and existing website age checker.

How does it work?

Spreadme best domain age checker tool is so simple to use that you might think you're having fun!

You can conduct a free single domain age checker or a bulk domain age check.

Here's how it works:

Step - 1:- To use the tool, you must first be on this page (xxx-xxx).

Step - 2:- On the text box provided, enter your domain name(s) with http://.

Step - 3:- After entering your domain name(s), press the "Check Domain Age" button to submit your request. Our well-designed engine will return the result in less than a second.

Important from the point of SEO

Most people would argue that domain age SEO is not a significant factor, but I believe it is. This, I think, is one of the methods used by Google to determine quality publishers on the internet. The point is that time filters out all of the spam sites and the low-quality sites. If you have a site that does not publish quality content, or if you do not give your all to help the site grow. Google believes that all factors are taken into account when determining the domain age of a website.