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Think about the old days when you open multiple URL links one by one. It consumes your time and energy but now it is even easier to open multiple urls at the same time with the help of the url opener tool made by SpreadMe. Sounds easy right?

About multiple URL opener tool

Have you faced difficulties when you have to open multiple websites at the same time? Well, this tool is about to solve your problem. This tool can help you to open multiple urls at the same time. Multiple url opener increases your productivity by just one click. You have to just copy-paste links that you want to open in a new tab. It is useful for digital marketers, content writers, researchers or many others to speed up their work.

To make things simple we introduce an online url opener that is most secure, reliable, and very fast. This tool can give you a result within a second.

How to use multiple url openers?

Follow 3 simple steps to open multiple websites.

COPY urls that you want to open in a new tab

All the URLs must be:

⦿ Comma-separated

⦿ Space between two URLs

⦿ Each URL in the next/new line

Paste urls into SpreadMe online url opener tool.

See results within a second.

Key features

Simple layout: Our expert plans and designs bulk url openers in a way that anyone can perform a task without any outside help.

Consistency: Our url opener tool performs with accuracy.

Fast & Secure: Our online url opener protects your mobile or computer at any cost. We keep in mind all safety features while designing this tool. Also, it gives you results within a second so you don't have to wait and get bored.

Free to use: We want more and more people to benefit from our multi-link opener tool. We invite you to come and experience our tool.

Support all browsers: Different browsers have their safety and security regulations to keep in mind that our experts design this tool in a way that it can work in all browsers effortlessly. Our tool supports browsers Such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Midori, Safari, Opera, etc.

Note: Do not open a number of urls that can slow down your computer. Our suggestion is to start with 10-15 URLs at a time and move up from there.

Why did we make a bulk url opener?

No Strings attached -

Unlike other web url opener websites that require you to join up or login in order to access certain features, we do not have such requirements. SpreadMe URL Opener is free to use since we do not collect any consumer data, and it is for everyone, whether you are an adult or a child, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Fewer Ads -

Another wonderful factor that sets us from the rest is that we have fewer advertisements on our main page. We strive to make the user experience as seamless as possible, which is why we have a policy of fewer adverts.

Unlimited websites -

There is no limit to the number of websites you may open with our bulk url opener. However, the ideal practice is to open approximately 15-20 websites at a time so that you don't tend to fill up your browser with a lot of tabs or windows open at the same time and your computer doesn't freeze.

Another thing to keep in mind is that our bulk url opener works for web URLs. As a result, you don't have to be concerned about whether it's a web application, shortened URLs, the website itself, or any other unique system. You enter a web page link and click on Open all URLs, and all the URLs are opened in new tabs or windows, depending on your browser settings.

No need to use bulk url opener extension -

To open a number of URLs, you do not need to install any additional extensions in your browser. This utility is available online in any browser.

Aren't these advantages enough to convince you to use the SpreadMe multi-link opener? What exactly are you waiting for? Add SpreadMe url opener to your browser's shortcuts or favorites, and you'll notice a significant improvement in productivity.