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About Sitemap Generator

A site map generator is a plain-text XML file that lists all your website's most important pages. XML site generators can be submitted to Google, Bing, and other major search engines to assist them more efficiently and effectively.

They are a core part of any website and are vital to search engine optimization. XML site generators allow search engines to easily crawl a website and index every page, allowing it to begin showing up in search engine results.

How does the generator work?

The sitemap generator utilises an external service to crawl your website and generate a sitemap. As a result, the generator creates a sitemap for the website, regardless of CMS. Because the crawler acts like a regular visitor, visiting all pages only once, the information processing costs for your website are very low.

How do I use the sitemap generator?

Our free site map generator tool will save you the time and effort of creating a manual file by providing automatic site analysis with a single click. It is very useful in the early stages of developing a website and identifying and correcting existing site errors, compatibility, broken links, and usability issues.

To use our free online site map generator, enter your domain name and let the tool crawl your entire website. The tool will generate an XML site map as it crawls more pages on your website by appending the URLs to the generated sitemap file. You can easily access your sitemap by downloading it and uploading it to Google Search Console. It should be available through your domain at

If your website's crawling is too slow, check to see if you've set a high crawl-delay value in your robots.txt file.

Why do website sitemaps matter at all?

Creating an XML site map and submitting them is usually the first step in most SEO and web design agencies' website development projects. Many of our clients will see an increase in traffic and great SEO results in a brief period after submitting their sitemap to search engines, either manually or using our tool. We provide an easy-to-use interface and process opacity among all online sitemap generators.

Have you ever considered turning your ideas into a concrete website sitemap plan in a matter of seconds? Try us for laser-focused, time-efficient planning! Once you've finished drafting the sitemap, quickly share your unique URL with your copywriter and ask them to fill it with rich content.