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How To Get Higher Ranking On Google In 2021

Higher ranking on google
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ny people who try to unlock the secret of “how to improve Google ranking” without getting personalized.

What do you think? Is there any magic trick? 

It takes a lot of effort also requires a vivid imagination, dedication, persistence, and creativity. It is very accurate because of the constant change in the Google algorithm.

We can discuss a few steps you can take to improve your Google ranking.

Here are the steps we cover in our discussion.

  1. Learn about the Google ranking algorithm
  2. Review your current search ranking
  3. Monitor and measure the right metrics
  4. Your website should be mobile-friendly
  5. Fix your current penalties
  6. Perform keyword research

1. Learn About Google Ranking Algorithm


Google algorithms


We could jump into actionable strategies to use on your website But, first, I want you to go through the basics because you are not penalized whenever a new update rolls out.

Google executive confirms that most of Google’s changes are not publicly announced, but it changes with time.

Moz evaluates that there are 500 to 600 algorithm changes per year!

Here, show you a few updates that you should know.

Google used to share the big announcement. The core working algorithm is still unknown. The majority of information is guesswork from industry professionals. 

It is not easy to rank first without penalties, shortcuts, or a black hat SEO strategy. If it is so simple, then Google has not succeeded in ranking. Anyone could get the top position without putting in any effort.

It not only makes it hard for honest people to get success. But, it would also compromise Google’s mission statement.

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

The best information or knowledge about the Google algorithm comes in the form of major updates like:

Google now considers all Website as a Smartphone. Emphasize websites that work well on mobile devices.

  • Mobile-friendly update: support a website with a mobile-friendly version. Set up a stage for a future penalty if a site does not obey rules.
  • Pigeon: worked to merge local search results with Google maps.
  • Hummingbird: understand the context and intent behind user search instead of looking at the genuine word they type.
  • Penguin: Aimed spammer and sites that buy unnatural links to boost their ranking.

How are you expected to follow all these Google updates?

You can use some great resources to track all these updates. Moz Google algorithm change history is an excellent tool that organizes databases in chronological order. Check out Google webmaster central too.

Now we almost covered the basics of an algorithm. Now let’s move to those strategies that I mentioned earlier.

2. Review your keyword search ranking


Keyword Research


To improve your Google ranking, you should know your current position in the hierarchy. Where you stand is very important. This is also true for new sites. There are several tools to facilitate. Use ahref rank checker to check your site’s keyword rank.

Check your site speed

Site speed


It is essential to check your site speed. It is still an important Google ranking factor.

If your site speed is slow, it affects your search position. Because of that, you cannot attract or convert new customers. In the end, it affects your sales.

Walmart experienced a decline in sell when their website took more time to load the page.

It doesn’t matter how well your on-page SEO, meta description, or title tags are. Search algorithm does not allow you anyway, even if you are a giant like Walmart.

That’s why it is essential to run your site speed to figure out how to improve Google ranking. There are many tools out there to help you. My favorites are, 

Now, let’s see how to test speed using Pingdom.

Go to tools.pingdom.com and enter your URL. Choose the location where you want to search for click “Start Test”

Your website registers over 50, so it’s a good start.

If your performance grade is less than 50, you need to improve your page content.

Check the page load time also.

Quick load time is doing pretty well at 1.60s. Aim for under 2 seconds for fast loading and under 1secound for the mobile device.

Remember, a load time of more than a few seconds causes a loss of a massive amount of traffic.



Check, the page load time also.

Quick load time doing pretty well at 1.60s. aim for under 2 seconds for fast loading and under 1secound for the mobile device.

Remember, a load time of more than a few seconds causes a loss of a massive amount of traffic.

Check Your Sites Health

site health


The most important step after looking at keyword search engine rank and site speed is to measure the overall health of your site before you start to optimize.

There is a sudden drop in organic traffic after a few months or a year of consistency. Have you noticed?

You worried that Google might be about deindexing or ban your site.

Don’t worry about it. Some tools help you to solve your confusion. Try the MxToolBox Domain Health Report tool to check for major issues like general site problems, blocklist, mail server, web server, and DNS.

If you want to check whether you are penalized by one of the major algorithm updates, check out FE International’s Website Penalty Indicator tool.


website indicator


Here graph shows your site traffic concerning the rollout of major updates. With the help of this graph we know weather update directly affect our site or not.



To check for a penalty, there is a option called “security and manual action report” in Google search console. You can inquire if Google has taken a manual action against you.



You cannot find out if Google algorithm update panelized your site.

Fix the issue if you have a manual penalty, and then submit reconsideration with a Google.


Reach On Top Search Result

Generate More Leads And Traffic For Your Busiess


    3. Monitor and measure the right metrics

    It’s time to follow up on some of your site’s key settings to find out what other factors you need to improve. Following are some essential factors.

    Organic traffic:

    How visitors find your websites is very important. Organic search drove most website visitors in the past. 

    Today, social media, email, and paid ads generally drive organic traffic, which can vary by industry. 

    To know how many visitors reach your site, log in to your Google Analytics account and check the acquisition channel report.

    Organic Traffic Conversions 

    To analyze search traffic, you need to pay attention to the keyword that generates traffic for your site. This is harder than you thought, but it is still very much possible.

    To measure traffic SERP scan helps you. SERP can show you keywords that drove organic traffic to your website within the last 12 months. It includes on-page SEO also.

    This tool helps you to understand the broad picture relating to keywords but you still need more.

    Keyword Ranking for Transactional Keywords

    Do not spend enough time researching transactional is a big mistake. To improve your Google ranking, focusing on commercial keywords is very important because, it can drive revenue, improve your search 

    engine ranking and make money. There is a difference between commercial keywords and informative keywords. Let’s understand this.

    You can use informal keywords. Those keywords still generate organic traffic but, they can’t convert visitors into buyers or people who share on social media.

    Visitors who search for informal keywords like:

    • Free book download
    • Top 10 food magazine
    • Make money online
    • How to install WordPress

    If they are not willing to buy, they want you to listen to them- the search engine language of free. Now, these terms can drive more traffic.

    Now people who use transition keywords are more specific about what they want.

    • Best kinderjoy product
    • Top 10 food magazine seller
    • Web designer in Mumbai

    These people are finding resources to buy. They find the platform where they can purchase a product,

    People working in the e-commerce industry know that transition keywords tend to do well.

    Few words given below are prefixes (before) or suffix (after) that are used with keywords to perform well.

    • Buy
    • Review
    • Purchase
    • Discount
    • Coupon
    • Deal
    • Shipping

    We talked about a keyword that can generate organic traffic. They can also be used in meta descriptions or on-page SEO. 

    Here is an example

    Set Up an SEO Dashboard To Track This Matrix.

    Set up an SEO dashboard to track the matrices all the time.

    A tool like SEMRush also makes it easy to monitor SEO effort with an integrated dashboard. But this tool is chargeable.

    If you are ok with the budget, you can go with it. If you are on a small budget, Google Analytics just served you fine.

    It gives a better result if you connect Google webmaster to Google analytics. Here you can learn about it.

    4.Your Site Should be Mobile Friendly 

    Nearly half of all website traffic comes from a mobile device. If you want to rank higher, all your sites need to perform well on the mobile device.

    The Google webmaster blog said:

    “Starting today, pages, where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results, may not rank as high.”

    In 2020 Google moved to the “mobile-first-indexing,” which means if your site is not mobile-friendly, it might not get a higher rank.

    Luckily it’s become easy to test if your site is mobile-friendly or not. You can use “Google mobile-friendly test” to type your URL and click “Run Test.”



    Google search console also has a mobile usability report that will give you a list of site with the mobile friendly issue.

    Key-Point to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly



      • You can use a service like modify. You may need to update your site to the latest version so that you can take advantage of popular CMS platforms like WordPress.
      • Use pop-ups that are possible to close. Sometimes pop-ups annoy users.

    5. Fix your current penalties


    Now, you understand the concept of search ranking and set up tracking. Now, a detailed examination of your site and see if there any current penalties t fix.

    There is no point in promoting unhealthy sites.

    As matt Cut said, “links should not just LOOK natural, they should BE natural.

    There is no point in promoting unhealthy sites.

    As matt Cut said, “links should not just LOOK natural, they should BE natural.

    Analyze Your Link

    You can use several tools to analyze your links. Here are given below.

    After removing unnatural links, it’s time to improve on-page SEO .

    You would not be getting so far without understanding how keyword research works.

    6. Perform Keyword Research

    After removal unnatural links, its time to improve on-page SEO .

    You would not be getting so far without understanding how keyword research works.

    Learn how your audience find your sites

    You can use Googel keyword planner.


    Keyword can help you to know buyers personas and understand common culture of your audience. Based on that, Keywords can help you know buyers’ personas and understand the everyday culture of your audience. Based on that, you can create relevant content to improve your Google ranking.

    Alexa can help you to find out audience statics.


    Through keyword research, you can easily understand by simply looking at whether visitors use informal keywords or are ready to buy? That is called user intent.

    Spy On Your Competitors: 

    If your competitors are doing great and getting a higher ranking, look at their keywords.

    Set up algorithms like them. Learn and copy their strategies.

    Google keyword planner is best because it gives you an exact result about competitors’ keyword targets.

    Other data include:

    • Volume: The number of searches the keyword has during a month.
    • Position: The position the URL is ranked for in Google search.
    • Estimated visits: The estimated traffic the webpage gets for the keyword.

    Boost Lower Ranking Keyword

    How can you bring you to boost your page ranking to your first page?

    Use the skyscraper method, popularized by Brian Dean from Backlinko.

    If you want to do this for your topic, follow this guide.

    · Extensively research the topic, including research studies.

    · Identify the keywords to target using the strategies I shared with you in this post.

    · Write a more in-depth post (that’s longer, more accurate, and actionable).

    · Link out to authority blogs that are doing outsourcing well.

    Make sure you write a clickable headline.

    For example, your first headline is: Outsourcing Guide for construction work.

    You can improve it like this:

    • The Complete Guide to Outsourcing for construction work
    • An In-Depth Guide on How to outsource for construction work
    • X Ways Outsourcing can revolutionize your construction work

    Contact blog owners by sending them effective outreach emails.

    Definition of keyword analysis according to workstream:

    “The starting point and cornerstone of search marketing campaigns. By understanding what queries qualified visitors to your website type into search engines, search marketers can better customize their landing pages to increase conversion rates.”


    Unlocking Google ranking is a certain level of skill. Being valuable and memorable is the key to getting higher order.

    Take the time to understand an easy way to find your target audience.

    Identify the long tail keyword they are using to get to your site.

    Once you have all the information, you can create great content to solve their problems and connect. Could you keep them coming back for more?

    How did your website do in the latest Google update? 

    Have you seen any changes to rankings, traffic, and conversions?


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