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home builder case study


Lead generation is the multi-faceted process of building a brand’s visibility, trustworthiness, and reliability. It’s essential for modern-day homebuilding companies that want to consistently expand their brands.


With a strong home builder lead generation strategy, these companies can make more target customers aware of their respective brands. This increase in brand awareness directly results in more people interested in the home building company’s products/services.


Once we create a strong home builder, a digital marketing strategy makes nurturing curious prospects into the sales pipeline easier. But, homebuilding companies have to take various steps to convert prospects into high-value customers.


After all, generating online traffic and leads is not easy –


home builder case study


In 2017, the average company generated only 1,877 online leads per month. In 2022, that number’s suspected to be even lower.


Hence, modern-day homebuilding companies shouldn’t just focus on generating leads. They should also focus on converting as many online leads as possible.


In this digital marketing case study, we’ll assess the digital marketing success of Element Homes. Element Homes is one of the leading homebuilding companies in California, United States.


The company serves clients from all across the US. The company’s USP is its extensive range of services.


From architectural planning to interior designing – Element guides clients through every step of the custom home building process.


However, as the pandemic unfolded, the company faced many ups and downs while on its path to lead generation success. In this lead generation case study, we’ll detail –

home builder impression


✓  The key digital marketing challenges faced by Element Homes
✓  Our scientific approach to resolving these challenges
✓  The long and short-term results of our solutions and tactics.
✓  The overall impact of refining the company’s digital marketing and online lead generation strategies.


Element Homes had previously succeeded with social media marketing and Google AdWords. These efforts were generating some leads from the company’s website. But, their website had the potential to deliver even more. The company accurately believed that it should be generating more online leads. Here’s how we achieved this crucial goal.




When we first started working with Element Homes, the company’s website didn’t have enough “conversion points.” Interested customers were not offered convenient ways to learn about specific homes, generate estimated costs, or communicate with brand representatives.


Home builder Conversion Rate


As a result, generating home builder sales for this company was initially very difficult. Along with these communication issues, Element Home’s website also suffered from the following issues –


Lack of Leads from Website


Generating homebuilder leads is not easy. People shopping for new, custom homes are always extra-cautious about dealing with unknown and unreliable companies via the Internet. Since Element Home’s website wasn’t optimized for general contractor lead generation, it didn’t appear reliable or trustworthy.


The website didn’t have high-quality content or backlinks. There weren’t enough web pages with clear, well-defined CTAs (Calls to Action). Plus, the website was over-dependent on manual interactions from the clients.


Unless clients went out of their way to contact the company’s sales team, they wouldn’t receive much brand-related information. All of these factors made lead generation for these homebuilders very difficult.


Insufficient Follow-Up Sales


Leads are nine times likelier to convert when the company’s sales representatives follow up within 5 minutes. Element Home’s website wasn’t optimized for quick interactions with clients. Hence, its sales team consistently failed to conduct rapid follow-ups with interested customers.


Improper Analytics to Tracing Leads


Effective lead tracking helps companies determine who their target customers are, where they are from, and how to contact these leads. Element Homes didn’t have any strategy for determining and defining their lead sources.


tracing home builder lads


The company didn’t employ the latest lead tracking systems. Hence, it couldn’t successfully nurture its leads.


Low On-Page Engagement


Creating a strong homebuilder lead generation strategy is hard when your website is not engaging customers. According to a recent study, 73% of leads aren’t “Sales-Ready.” That means most users who visited Element Home’s website weren’t ready to purchase. To get them ready, the company’s marketing team had to create a more engaging website.


Only then could the target customers be moved down the sales funnel.


home builder lead generation funnel


Element Home’s website had low engagement because of various reasons. The lack of well-written content was the most important reason.


Not Having a Social Media Marketing Strategy


Element Home’s lack of social media presence hurt the company’s ability to generate homebuilder leads. Social media marketing is the most practical way of generating leads from the Internet.


Unfortunately, Element Home’s marketing team wasn’t even spending one hour a week on social media marketing.




Developing successful online marketing strategies requires skill, strategy, and an in-depth understanding of technical SEO.


online marketing stratigies



Element Homes had to make constant, large-scale investments into their web design and SEO strategies to consistently generate high-quality leads. Our local SEO Company took steps to create a comprehensive lead generation strategy for Element Homes.


Improving the Brand’s Search Engine Rankings by Re-Optimizing their Website


Search Engine Optimization is an all-important part of building a strong lead generation strategy. A good SEO strategy would give Element Homes more visibility online.


home builder search engine ranking



Here are the steps we took to re-optimize Element Home’s website –


✓  Audit the website to discover key SEO deficiencies. We found various weaknesses in the company’s overall SEO strategy. For example, the company didn’t have a strong content marketing strategy. Hence, incorporating relevant, high-quality keywords into the website was very difficult.


✓  We used keyword research tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, Google Keyword Planner, and more to discover relevant keywords. We uncovered the most suitable, long-tail keywords for the company’s core target audiences.


Keyword research



Using these tools, we determined strong ad group ideas and understood yearly keyword trends in this niche.

  The next step was launching a solid content marketing strategy on Element Home’s website. All content and  multimedia on the site were optimized with relevant and targeted keywords.



Home builder content stratigies


✓  Once the optimized content was published on the company’s website, we kept checking its performance every week. The website’s visibility improved significantly in Google’s search results within three months. Consequently, the site experienced increases in its traffic.


home builder content stratigies


Design an Image Gallery for the Company’s Renovation and Custom Home Projects


Element Homes has many exciting projects under its belt. It’s involved in constructing many attractive properties in Napa, Oakland, Saratoga, and other parts of California. However, the company’s website didn’t display any photos of these projects. After completing a technical audit of the company’s website, we designed a website gallery.


This gallery featured high-definition images of the company’s top construction projects. We asked the company to constantly send pictures of their custom home building projects. Each photograph was optimized with relevant, targeted keywords. As a result, the website had zero high-quality photos of their work to several new images. These photos helped the company establish trust in the minds of target audiences.


home builder case study


Highlight Past Residential Projects


The residential homebuilding industry in the US is worth over $205 billion. Element Homes is a relevant name in this industry. But, the custom home construction company’s website didn’t give off the vibe that it’s an industry leader. To fix that, we made the website responsive and mobile-optimized.


More importantly, after a complete redesign, the re-optimized website now features key highlights of the company’s previous achievements. We created a “Portfolio” section for the website.


home builder past project


In this section, users can check the company’s previous projects. Each project page features information about –


The residential project’s address (so that interested customers can review the company’s previous constructions by themselves).


  The number of rooms and features in the custom homes.
  Details about the floor plans inside each home.
  Additional design-related details of the homes’ exterior and interior features.


Develop Content Marketing Strategies


Element Home’s website needs to have separate sections devoted to prospects and customers. To build a strong content marketing strategy for the company, we created –


✓  Separate floorplan pages for every custom home built by the company. We ensured all pages contained relevant, up-to-date, and high-definition images.


  We included localized pricing details on the website’s sales pages.


  Created community pages containing details about what it’s like living in specific locations where the company operates. Designed photo galleries for all homes built by the company with detailed and localized text descriptions.


 A blog section was also designed for Element Homes. In this section, in-house writers were asked to create relevantly, high-quality content for the company.


home builder case study


✓  Another section called “How It Works” was created to display the company’s building process. It was important for the company to share information about its lengthy, multi-phase homebuilding processes. In this section, interested


✓  customers learn how to start a custom home building process with Element Homes.


Creating Targeted Website Content, Implementing Conversion Optimization Strategies, and Creating Call-to-Action and Landing Pages


Publishing high-quality, targeted, and SEO-optimized content is the best way for a website to improve its search engine rankings. We created high-quality content for Element Homes and optimized it for search engines by –


✓  Including relevant keyword phrases several times throughout each content page.
  Strategically linking each blog page to relevant sources with high domain authority (to boost Element Home’s site authority).
  Updating the content regularly.
  Interlinking related blog posts from high-authority sources to give readers additional information about the topics.
✓  Integrating relevant keywords in page titles.
✓  Including description metadata in each webpage of the website to make it more search-engine friendly.
  Added well-designed “calls-to-action” underneath each webpage to ensure customers know how to kickstart business relationships with Element Homes.


home builder lead generation


We also created optimized landing pages for the website. A landing page converts 26% of all the traffic it receives on average. The strategy was simple.


Drive as much traffic as possible for the website with organic techniques like content marketing. Then, use the well-designed landing pages to convert at least 1/4th of organic traffic.


Highly Target Demographic Users


The Element Homes website was missing descriptions and meta tag titles. Their ideal customers lived in California and Washington. But, the keywords on their web pages weren’t optimized for that. To fix these issues –


✓  We added Meta Tag Titles and Meta Tags Descriptions on all web pages.


home builder lead generation


✓  We updated all the web pages by adding more “opt-in” forms. These forms helped users get in contact with the company more efficiently.

Carried out in-depth keyword research to discover the hyper-relevant local search terms the site needed to be optimized for.

  Generate relevant content for the target audiences (aspiring custom homebuyers in the US).

  Use Google Analytics to identify key audience insights. They included – user behaviors (frequency of visits, engagement rates, etc.), user locations, user devices, etc.


Provide the Best Social Media Manager


Element Homes was in desperate need of high-quality social media marketing services. We helped the company create and implement a strategic social media strategy.


home builder lead generation


Assigning an active and well-equipped social media management team for the company was the first step. By posting quality content across various social media platforms, we could improve the brand’s overall online visibility.




Improving Element Home’s overall website user experience was the main goal. To achieve this goal, we had to overcome various challenges.


Challenge #1 – Telling the Client’s Story


Being one of California’s best custom homebuilding companies, Element Homes had an important story to share. But, the company didn’t receive high-quality website development services in the past. Hence, its website failed to reflect the brand’s impressive story. To fix this, we took the following steps –

Making Community Pages Shine

We are the leading providers of landing page design services. For us, it was easy to create well-designed and informative community pages. We could share key brand and product-related details with target customers via these community pages. Here are the community pages we created for Element Homes –


Landing Pages


We created landing pages and optimized them to increase conversions. These pages provided target customers with additional insights about the company’s past projects, range of services, special features, etc.


home builder lead generation


The landing pages were also designed to boost Element Home’s email subscribers. Plus, these pages are testable, so we could measure metrics directly tied to the company’s overall business goals.


Location Pages


We created specific web pages to display Element Home’s presence in specific locations across the US. Customers can review these pages to learn about the different locations the homebuilding company operates in. We also provided keyword research services to ensure that each location-based page was optimized for local searches.


Past Project Pages


The “Past Project Pages” on Element Home’s website share key details about the company’s previous custom home constructions. Customers can assess these pages to learn about the quality of service they can expect from the homebuilding company.


How it Works Page


Custom home building is a complex, multi-faceted process. It involves various steps. These steps vary based on the customer’s budget, location, construction goals, etc. The “How it Works” page was crafted to convey this information in the simplest way possible.


home builder lead generation

This page lets customers learn all about the custom home building process, from project cost estimates to the permitting process.


Contact Page


We integrated a simple form-filling system on the “Contact Us” page. Any customer can share his/her query in detail via these forms. Element Home’s customer service team constantly goes through these entries and immediately contacts interested clients.


Challenge #2 – Clarifying the Homebuilding Process


To further clarify the homebuilding process (already mentioned on the “How it Works” page), we added the following sections –


  Customers can find detailed descriptions of the home building process on the Element Homes website across different web pages.

  On the homepage, we included testimonials from satisfied customers.



home builder lead generation


  Galleries containing high-definition images of the company’s past projects were also created on all “Location” and “Portfolio” pages.


  A section full of “Frequently Asked Questions” was also created to simplify the home building process for interested customers.


Challenge #3 Improving Conversion Rates


For homebuilding companies, measuring conversions is a complex process. Each homebuilding company has different business goals, pain points, and lead generation needs. To measure how successful Element Home’s website was at converting prospects, we used the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) –


Bounce rate


home builder lead generation


Site traffic


home builder lead generation


Daily number of calls from prospects – Monthly (300+)


Cost of customer acquisition – – $300 – $450


Traffic to lead ratios


home builder lead generation


Landing page conversions


home builder lead generation



We took various steps to boost on-site conversions, from performing homebuilder social media marketing to implementing local SEO strategies. Here are some other steps that helped us improve Element Home’s on-site conversion rates –


•Conduct A/B testing to understand which web design elements impacted the target audiences to take purchase-related actions.


home builder lead generation


✓  Create a compelling value proposition for clients, explaining why they should get custom home building services from Element Homes. “Safe Design” is the company’s motto. We highlighted this motto/value proposition on all the major web pages.


  Setting up sales funnels on every webpage. For example, underneath every blog post on the site, there are CTAs designed to capture the reader’s email address.


home builder lead generation


Element Homes uses these email addresses to encourage their target customers to purchase.


  Using guest posting services to make the website appear more authentic.
  Using simple, SEO-optimized language on each webpage (without any jargon).


By taking these steps, Element Homes was able to boost customer trust in their website. Once target customers started trusting the website more, conversions increased automatically. Customer testimonials, third-party reviews, and photos of the company’s past projects on the website also made it more reliable.


Challenge #4 – Improving Website User Experience


Overcoming this challenge was relatively easy. That’s because other efforts (content creation, SEO research) were directly linked to the process of improving the website’s user experience. To achieve this goal, we –


home builder lead generation


We could build a unique voice and personality for Element Homes, the brand, by taking these steps. Of course, ensuring the website’s SEO was taken care of was more challenging.


Challenge #5 – Creating a Strong SEO Strategy


We used various keyword research tools to discover the most relevant keywords for Element Home’s target customers. The keywords covered a broad range of topics such as –


  Finding land for construction projects
  Preparing land for construction
  Financing homebuilding projects
✓  Working with custom home builders
✓  How to inspect custom-built homes before moving in


To conduct extensive keyword research into each of these topics, we took the following steps –


home builder lead generation


Conducting Industry-Specific Keyword Research


Industry-specific keywords are typically long-tail keywords. The searcher’s intent behind these keywords is usually more on information-gathering, not making transactions or purchases.

Users looking up these keywords may not have immediate plans to buy custom homes. But, they may be planning for future purchases. Here are some relevant industry-specific keywords –


✓  How much do custom homes cost?
  Custom home vs. Pre-designed home
  What style of custom homes is the best?


Conducting Location-Specific Keyword Research


This group of keywords is also called “navigational keywords” or “geo-focused keywords.” These keywords are super-competitive. Here are some examples of the location-based keywords we used on Element Home’s website –


  Custom homebuilders
  Homebuilders near me
  Home Builders in [*insert location*]
✓  [*insert location*] homebuilders


Conducting Page-by-Page Keyword Research


After conducting general and location-specific keyword research, we built proper keyword maps for each Element Home web page. The most relevant keywords were integrated into each webpage.


We optimize all page-specific data with multiple keywords and phrases. This was done naturally to ensure Google’s algorithms don’t think that we’re carelessly stuffing keywords into the website.


Integrating the Keywords across the Website


Once we created a list of high-quality keywords for Element Homes, it was time to integrate them across the website. Our SEO experts integrated strategic keywords in –


  Webpage names and titles
  Meta descriptions on each webpage
✓  The website’s URL was also SEO-optimized. For example, customers in Saratoga are directed to the following URL – https://www.constructelements.com/location/saratoga-custom-home-builder. As you can see, the URL of this webpage contains the key phrase – “Saratoga Custom Home Builder.”


Challenge #6 – Boosting the Website’s Authority


The last major challenge was making Element Home’s website appear authoritative in target customers’ eyes. To achieve this objective, we –


Optimize Image Alt Texts


Adding “alt text” to the images on the web pages helped make the website more accessible. The alt text allows search engine crawlers to understand the visual content on the web pages. Hence, the search engine crawlers rank the web pages higher, improving the website’s overall SEO rankings.


The alt text for images is displayed when website images fail to load. Readers can still understand the content on the website, even if they have poor internet connections.


Internal Linking Strategy


Internal link building helps visitors travel to different sections on the website as efficiently as possible. Search engine algorithms will also review a website’s internal links while ranking it on its SERPs.


That’s we provided comprehensive link-building services to Element Homes. Our internal linking services made the website easier to navigate and more search-engine-friendly.


Consistent Blogging


Publishing high-quality content helps Element Homes maintain its status as one of California’s premium homebuilding companies.


By creating a system of guest blogging on the website, the company was able to contact relevant industry experts.


Insights from these experts are now consistently shared on Element Home’s website via blog posts. We also provide external link-building services to make the blog posts on the website appear more authoritative.


Google My Business Optimization


Element Homes didn’t have a Google My Business Account in the past. Thanks to our Google My Business services, the company shows up every time it is searched for on Google. My Business Account is now a leading source of leads and customer inquiries.


Social Media Marketing


According to a recent study, 97% of the world’s leading construction companies are involved in social media marketing. Building Home Element’s identity on social media channels was our main goal.


home builder lead generation


Without a strong social media presence, the homebuilding company struggled to build trust with its target customers. To resolve this issue –


  We provided extensive social media marketing services to the company, focusing on Facebook marketing.
  We conducted competitor analysis on all major social media platforms.
  We created “ideal customer profiles” intending to post content that pleases these audience groups.
  Post-high-quality content (including high-quality pictures/videos) at least 3-to 4 times a week on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.
✓  Ensure Element Home’s customer service team receives and responds to customer messages asking for quotes, additional info, etc.


These steps helped Element Homes reach more audiences organically and for free. More importantly, the brand’s online authority improved significantly.




Before partnering with a home builder digital marketing agency, Element Homes struggled to attract online leads. Within six months of partnering with our lead generation agency, the company’s lead generation capabilities improved drastically. Thanks to its robust SEO framework, the home building company’s website now receives 10 times more organic traffic.


home builder lead generation



All this additional traffic directly leads to more sales. Overall, this case study proves that homebuilder marketing companies are vital to the success of modern-day homebuilding companies. No matter how great you’re at building homes, finding buyers is difficult without a home builder’s digital marketing agency’s expertise.


Our lead generation company for real estate firms is so popular. We have monthly meetings with Element Home’s team to reassess their growth and future objectives. Every month, the company’s online presence and ability to draw leads improve.



SpreadMe Digital

Through our local lead generation strategies, you can be found in the search results and turn local traffic into customers.

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    Share This:


    The custom home building industry has traditionally been slow to adopt new technologies and practices. But, modern-day contractors are changing this tradition by employing strategic digital marketing lead generation strategies. Why? The unexpected increase in demand for real estate, partly caused by the COVID19 pandemic, is intensifying competition in the industry.

    Realtors and homebuilders can benefit a lot from this increase in demand. However, home builders need to have a solid foundation for lead generation to make the most of increasing customer demands.

    Lead generation is the process of fostering a target customer’s interest in your real estate services. Until the target audience member becomes a customer, the lead generation process is incomplete. That means you should have the most efficient marketing and sales strategies to nurture target customers inside your real estate company’s sales funnel.

    Building successful lead generation strategies take time, planning, and resources. Thankfully, contractors can engage prospects, convert leads, and secure more clients relatively cost-effectively with the Internet. Here’s an in-depth guide on lead generation for home builders.


    Why Do You Need Lead Generation?


    need of lead generation


    Real estate agents that don’t realize lead generation importance are bound to fail in the modern market. Why? Because how property buyers discover, explore, and acquire real estate has all changed. That’s why home building companies must find more efficient ways to reach customers.

    The era of mass advertising, email spamming, etc., is over in the real estate industry. Modern-day real estate lead generation needs to be focused on building healthy, long-term relationships with buyers. Here’s why the generation of new sales leads is so critical for real estate and home building companies.


    Want to Talk with our Real Estate Leads Expert?

    Book A Call Now


      Expand Your Market

      A strong lead generation strategy will enable your company to target customers from the right demographic groups. Instead of mass advertising, you’ll be focused on advertising to the right audiences. Market expansion is meaningless if all the leads you generate don’t convert into actual customers.

      You can engage in tighter, more efficient demographic targeting with a strategic lead generation strategy. Businesses with low marketing budgets can also effectively control the money they spend per lead every week/month. For a lead generation agency, it’s never about the number of leads – it’s about their quality.

      Homebuilding companies can attract the right prospects and turn them into customers with strategic lead generation strategies.

      Boost Your Sales

      Leads = Customers = Profits
      Companies that employ lead generation strategies tend to sell more by converting all the leads they collect into customers. The equation is simple – forward more leads to your sales team every day to increase sales every year.

      Gather More Customer Reviews

      Lead generation strategies create win-win situations for both the sellers and the buyers. For example, a home building company with a strong lead generation strategy will always provide free information on its products/services. Hence, potential buyers benefit by receiving free information.

      Then, the home building company can make its pitch to these target customers. If the deal goes through, both parties benefit. If not, the simple interaction between the company and the customer boosts the company’s goodwill. One key aspect of building a lead generation strategy for your company is prioritizing customer service over everything.

      That’s why home building companies that use digital marketing for a lead generation always attract more customers. These companies create well-defined pathways for their customers to discover and interact with their businesses. As a result, their company websites receive more traffic, and their Google My Business pages collect more positive customer reviews.

      Build Visibility and Awareness

      If more people hear about your construction company, your
      The company’s market reputation will grow stronger. Building brand visibility is
      directly connected to letting more people know about your brand.

      Without a lead generation strategy, your Company doesn’t
      have constant incoming streams of leads. Without new potential customers, your brand value keeps shrinking.


      Tactics for Lead Generation for Custom Home Builder


      Tactics For LeaD Generation


      ➼ There are many home-building companies in the industry.
      ➼ There are many home building companies operating in your company’s locations.
      ➼ Most people are looking for the best home building companies in the states you build via the Internet.

      For these reasons, having a digital and customer-centric home builder lead generation strategy is critical. Competition is fierce. Simply hosting home tours or participating in industry events won’t get your Company large numbers of leads.

      To lure more potential clients to your home building company, you need to use the latest lead generation tactics.

      Local Listings

      One of, if not the best, lead generation tactics for any business is being easily discoverable on the Internet. With business listings in local directories, companies can quickly achieve this goal and expand their reach on the web.

      Online business directories allow home building companies to display their names, addresses, and phone numbers. Potential customers can access these listings to discover your Company.
      By creating local listings for your Company, you can also attract more traffic to your company’s websites. Here, you can engage with your visitors more extensively and convert them into customers.

      But, before that, you’ll have to list your website on various local business listing sites for your country.


      We have a huge list for each county local listing. We can send you that. Fill the below form.


        Local SEO


        Local SEO For Lead Generation


        SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization) is the process of making your website appear higher on Google for specific keywords. The most successful homebuilding companies in the world use SEO for lead generation. The higher their websites are on Google, the more clicks they receive. With more clicks, the chances of conversions are also higher.

        How can real estate companies create efficient SEO strategies? Let’s say you conduct keyword research. You discover that the keyword “luxury home builders in Los Angeles” have high search volumes. You can optimize your website by including this keyword multiple times.

        Over time, every time someone looks up that search term on Google, your site will appear at the top of the results pages. That’s SEO for real estate companies in a nutshell. Most modern-day real estate buyers start their property search online. Therefore, your company’s website must rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs).

        A more efficient way of obtaining higher rankings on Google is with local search engine optimization (SEO).

        According to Google, when users look up products/services, the search engine shows the local results first. If you look up “construction company near me,” Google will show you websites of construction companies closest to your location. That’s why your company website must also be optimized for these local searches.

        To do so, your website must give specific signals to the search engines. These signals include –

        Consistent NAP: As a local construction company, you need to be easy to contact. That’s why maintaining a consistent company Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) on all business listings is vital. Always update your company profiles and listings with the most up-to-date information.

        Reviews: The more reviews your company has from local customers, your local SEO strategy is more effective. Search engines can instantly realize that your company caters to local audiences by reading the customer reviews on your website.

        Local Links: Google pulls data from various sources to verify a site’s relevance to local searches. Your company website will appear higher in local searches if you acquire links/citations from other relevant company websites.

        Mobile-Friendly Website: Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher than websites that load properly on desktop computers.

        Local Keywords: Lastly, and most importantly, you must know what your target customers are searching for when looking for construction-related services. That means conducting extensive keyword research and including all relevant local keywords in your website and other digital profiles.


        Want to Know Which Keywords Your Customers are Searching from Your Location?

        Get List Now


          Google My Business



          Your company needs to be as accessible as possible as a local construction business. The best way of doing so is by setting up a stellar website and a Google My Business (GMB) Page. GMB is essentially a free listing service that displays your company’s NAP and hours of operation directly on Google’s SERPs.

          Optimize your GMB page to ensure that every time someone looks up your target keywords on Google – your GMB listing shows up. GMB listings are also displayed on Google Maps so customers can visit your address more frequently. GMB listings will also lead to more web traffic, phone calls, and customer reviews for your business.


          We do GMB Optimization at $100, Which Increase Your Direct Calls.


          Build a Strong Website

          SEO or social media are excellent ways to get potential customers to visit your website for lead generation. However, if your website lacks quality, the visitors will leave quickly. Having high-quality websites is as important as having high-quality homes for modern-day home building companies.

          That means partnering with a company that is an expert in lead generation to create high-quality websites because they know what users will expect when they come to the website. Use high-quality web design to optimize your company website for conversions. Your website is where your target clients will decide whether your construction company is suited to their preferences.

          Here are some qualities/features a top-quality custom home building company website should have –

          ➼ HD videos and photography displaying the properties
          ➼ Customer testimonials
          ➼ Prominent, easy-to-read calls-to-action
          ➼ Multiple contacts (e.g., emails of individual agents, live chat, social media, etc.)
          ➼ Interactive directions page

          Relevant, informative resources for target clients (blogs, industry news, etc.)


          Want to know our Real Estate Website Development Portfolio?


            Connect on Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn

            Using social media for lead generation is an excellent tactic for home builders.

            Why? Because it’s essentially free.

            While some platforms offer paid advertising opportunities, companies can create social media profile pages for free to attract customers.

            ➼ If you don’t have a substantial lead generation budget, use the free tools on social media websites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

            ➼ If you have a decent marketing budget, partner with social media lead generation companies to secure large numbers of leads.

            Either way, social media platforms give construction companies a fantastic chance to connect with potential customers. What’s the best social media platform for lead generation for construction companies?

            With 2+ billion monthly users, Facebook is ideally suited for construction companies. Real estate Facebook lead generation is successful because the platform is highly visual. Construction companies can share HD photos, videos, etc., of their properties on Facebook to attract potential customers.

            Facebook and Instagram provide granular targeting options. Construction companies can ensure that their ads or posts reach their ideal audiences with these targeting tools. That’s why lead generation through Instagram and Facebook is so successful.

            Companies can also use LinkedIn real estate lead generation and host targeted campaigns by creating laser-focused ads. The key is to make all company social media profiles visually stunning, highly informative, and SEO-optimized.

            Content Marketing

            Using content marketing for lead generation is vital for construction companies because property buyers are typically desperate for helpful information. Property buyers carry out extensive research about the localities they’re investing in. That’s where your company should serve as the ultimate source of information.

            How? Create and publish high-quality content on your website. Become the go-to resource for anyone interested in buying custom homes in your locality.

            Paid Search or Display Ads

            Claiming the top spot in Google’s SERPs is extremely difficult. Using paid Google Ads is a good way of speeding up this process. Construction companies can use these ads to discover qualified real estate leads in their localities.

            PPC for lead generation

            PPC for lead generation is a scientific process. You’ll have to use relevant keywords in your paid ads to increase your chances of securing top rankings. You can also use these paid ads to re-target people who’ve already visited your GMB or company website.


            Want to Know How We can Generate Leads for Your Real Estate Company?


              Types of Lead Generation Costs



              Employing all these lead generation tactics will obviously cost your company money. What types of costs will your custom home building company undertake to generate leads? First, let’s understand the concept of pay per lead in real estate.

              In layman’s terms, paying per lead means the amount of money you spend to acquire info on each potential customer.

              It’s one of the crucial metrics in creating lead generation strategies. It gives you an approximation of how much budget you’ll have to allocate for each lead generation tactic. To calculate real estate cost per lead, take the following steps –

              ➼ Determine the total amount you’ll spend on a lead generation campaign
              ➼ Assess how many customer inquiries you receive after launching that campaign
              ➼ Your cost per lead real estate = total money spent divided by the number of inquiries you receive

              Let’s say you spend $2000 on a Google Ads campaign. You receive 40 inquiries directly from that campaign. Then, your cost-per-lead would be –

              $2000/40 = $50.

              This means, on average, you’re spending $50 on each customer inquiry. A real estate lead generation agency will use this metric to offer you appropriate services. Here are the different types of costs your construction company will incur after signing up with such an agency –

              Cost of Hiring the Real Estate Marketing Agency: These agencies typically charge flat-rate fees for monthly services. You’ll be paying for their time, knowledge work, and dedication to ensuring your company regularly receives high-quality leads. Bear in mind – these professionals are specialists at generating leads for custom home building companies. Their services guarantee results, but they don’t come cheap.

              Paid Ads on Different Media Channels: These are the costs of buying/renting ad spaces that your company will have to incur regularly. They include – paid PPC campaigns on Google, paid ads on Facebook, buying ad space on online publications, etc.

              Content Creation Costs: These costs depend entirely on the type of content you want your construction company website to feature. Creating high-quality graphics, high-definition videos, blogs, etc., requires a lot of effort. Plus, these pieces of content need to be relevant to your target users’ needs and requirements and SEO-optimized. Hence, a lot of strategizing goes into the content creation process. Construction companies typically hire agencies or freelancers to create quality content that reels potential customers.


              Average Cost Per Lead


              Lead Generation Cost


              Now we know the types of costs real estate companies can expect to face when building lead generation strategies. So, how much should your home building company spend per lead? The average cost per lead in real estate depends on many unique factors.

              Cost Per Lead (CPL) = (Total Expenditure on Lead Generation)/Total Leads Generated.
              Here’s the CPL statistics in different industries, companies, and sectors –

              Average Cost per Lead by Industry

              • Custom Home Builder – approx. $70 per lead
              • Buy/Sell Home – approx. $30 per lead
              • Sell New Built Home – approx. $50 per lead
              • Renovations/Improvement – approx. $40 per lead
              • Land Development & Subdivision – approx. $150 per lead
              • Fire Rebuild – approx. $50 per lead

              The CPL in the real estate industry can range anywhere between $30-$150.

              Average CPL by Lead Generation Channel

              • Public Relation Campaigns – approx. $294
              • Video Marketing – approx. $174
              • LinkedIn Advertising – approx. $75
              • Webinars – approx. $72
              • Display Advertising (digital ads) – approx. $63
              • Content Marketing – approx. $92
              • TV, Radio, Print – approx. $620
              • Search Engine Advertising – approx. $110
              • Social Media Advertising – approx. $58
              • Search Engine Optimization – approx. $31
              • Email Marketing – approx. $53

              Sources: Integrated Marketing Association, Survey Anyplace, Marketing Charts, and Hubspot.

              It’s clear that Social Media Advertising, Display Advertising, and Content Marketing are three of the most cost-effective lead generation channels.


              Want to Know How Much Will be Per Lead for Your Business Lead Generation?


                All top lead generation companies for real estate use these metrics to price their services. CPL in the Indian real estate industry also depends on the category of leads you’re hoping to attract. These categories include –

                ➼ Uber Luxury Property Buyers
                ➼ Luxury Property Buyers
                ➼ Budget Home Shoppers
                ➼ Affordable Home Shoppers

                The cost of acquiring leads in each of these categories varies drastically. Other factors that will impact your construction company’s CPL include –

                ➼ Location of your construction projects
                ➼ Your existing brand awareness
                ➼ The company’s offline promotional efforts

                Use these metrics to optimize your lead generation campaign budgets effectively.


                Budget Allocation for Lead Generation


                marketing Budget For home builder


                From the list above, it’s clear that the most cost-effective lead generation channels for construction companies are –

                ➼ SEO
                ➼ Social Media
                ➼ PPC Campaigns
                ➼ Content Marketing

                Hence, your budget allocation strategy should revolve around these four specific channels.



                SEO is a great lead generation channel for construction companies. A strong SEO strategy will help your website attract valuable traffic, i.e., customers that are interested in buying homes.


                The best way to employ an SEO strategy is by teaming up with the best SEO company for real estate. A top SEO agency will take the following steps to boost your construction company website’s search engine presence –

                • Conduct keyword research
                • Analyze Google’s First Page when your business service is searched
                • Add target keywords to the title tags of your webpages
                • Produce SEO-optimized content for your website
                • Develop high-quality backlinks to your construction company website
                • Optimize image file sizes on your website
                • Use responsive web design to make sure your site is supported on all devices
                • Improve your site’s page-loading speed
                • Create a better SEO strategy than your competitors
                • Optimize the site for “Search Intent.”


                On a global scale, 53.3% of companies that spend at least $500/month on SEO receive “extremely satisfactory” results. Plus, SEO is the most cost-effective lead generation tactic for construction companies. So, allocating at least 30% of your overall marketing budget to SEO campaigns will deliver incredible results.

                SOCIAL MEDIA


                Social Media For Lead Generation


                Using social media channels for lead generation is even cheaper than SEO because many platforms are free-to-use. Paying a small monthly fee to a social media marketing agency for real estate for lead generation services makes sense. That’s because these platforms have incredible reach.


                1. Boost your home building company’s brand value.
                2. Reach out to as many target customers as possible.
                3. Use high-quality media to lure more eyes to your existing properties.


                Here are some basic lead generation tactics that work effectively on social media channels –

                • Have a clear and consistent social media marketing plan
                • Use targeted ads to only reach out to target customers.
                • Post relevant content, news sources, media content, etc., at times when your target demographic is most active on social media.
                • Share graphics, blog posts, and other web pages from your website.


                By using the free features on these platforms, construction companies can save a lot of money. However, companies shouldn’t refrain from trying out the paid ad features on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Launch paid ad campaigns on social media platforms and then tracked their performances.

                Increase your budget allocation in accordance. Start off by allocating a small share of your marketing budget to social media (let’s say 10%). Increase or decrease the allocation based on the number of leads your investments yield.


                Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is ideal for home building companies that want to reach out to more qualified leads. These ads will appear at the top of Google’s SERPs whenever potential customers search-relevant keywords.


                Earn valuable leads that are genuinely interested in buying new homes.


                A real estate PPC agency will employ various tactics to launch strategic PPC campaigns. They include –

                • Conducting keyword research.
                • Constantly optimize the company’s keyword strategy based on new customer trends.
                • Setting up PPC ad campaigns on Amazon, Facebook, and other relevant platforms (not just Google).
                • Launching retargeting campaigns


                PPC ad campaigns can be expensive. Allocating 20-30% of your entire lead generation budget at first makes sense. Increase the budget if leads keep pouring in from your PPC ads.

                CONTENT MARKETING


                Content marketing for home builder


                Content marketing is another highly cost-effective lead generation tactic for real estate or home building companies.


                1. Inform target customers about your company’s excellence in the field.
                2. Come off as industry thought leaders via informative articles blogs on industry-relevant topics.
                3. Make sure your company’s website becomes the go-to source of info for all property buyers in your target sector.


                Partnering with a real estate content marketing agency is the best way to create a strong content strategy for your company. Here are some content marketing tactics these specialized experts employ –

                • Conduct research to understand what type of information homebuyers are looking for on the Internet.
                • Create relevant content based on regular customer research.
                • Respond to customer queries via detailed blog posts, articles, etc.
                • Write promotional content on new properties, listings, etc.
                • Post regular industry-related news.
                • SEO optimizes all old and new content on the real estate company’s website.


                Content creation isn’t cheap, especially if you’re planning to add premium-quality content to your website. Creating high-quality infographics, videos, and even articles requires a lot of research. However, high-quality content on your real estate website won’t just help you attract leads – it will also boost brand value. Hence, your content marketing budget should account for 20-30% of your overall lead generation budget.


                How Does SpreadMe Find You Quality Home Building Leads?


                Spreadme for home builder


                As you can see, securing leads takes a lot of effort, strategizing, and resources for home building companies. Unfortunately, many home building companies fail to dedicate enough time or resources to lead generation efforts because of business responsibilities.

                Should a custom home building company’s manager oversee construction duties or work on securing leads through digital channels? In an ideal world, professionals at home building companies would be able to do both.

                But, these companies have limited resources and insufficient knowledge about the best lead generation tactics. Setting up an in-house lead generation team is also out of the question as it involves a myriad of costs.

                That’s why teaming up with a third-party real estate lead generation agency is the best option for these companies. At SpreadMe, we’ve helped hundreds of real estate companies launch highly effective lead generation strategies.

                SpreadMe has tremendous experience in real estate digital marketing and many projects under our belt. We’re the most cost-effective lead generation digital marketing agency. Our clients experience at least 150% increases in leads after teaming up with us.

                We provide comprehensive lead generation services, which include a variety of strategic services such as –

                ➼ Creating consistent digital advertising strategies
                ➼ Launching PPC campaigns
                ➼ Creating and sustaining solid SEO strategies
                ➼ Complete social media management
                ➼ Web Development
                ➼ Search Engine Marketing
                ➼ Social Media Marketing

                We’re the best real estate lead generation company because our clients in the home-building industry receive guaranteed results. If your real estate company needs more leads on a consistent basis, team up with SpreadMe.



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