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GTM Strategy Report for Client – 2 Sample Report

GTM stragegy report
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And from my experience, I would like to tell you that there are Huge changes to convert those clients into customers whom you impressed with your GTM strategy report. The survey said that 95% of client conversion depends on the marketing proposal presentation.

So Today, In this blog, I am going to explain how to create a GTM digital marketing strategy for your client and give you two reports that I prepared for my clients.

If you feel boring to continue reading, you can directly download my client’s GTM marketing report and get a reference to develop new for your prospective client.

Comment below if you need help to develop GTM Marketing Strategy Report. My Charge is just $5 per report.

Let’s Start 6 Steps Guide on GTM Digital Marketing Strategy Report.


Create a seamless and coordinated digital brand presence.

– Deploy a website that is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

– Create assets that engage & provide a clear customer journey for customers.

– Develop interesting content and contain relevant and valuable information for customers.

Audience Target


Audience Target


Every client will come with a particular budget, and it is our responsibility to spend that ads budget to a specific audience where we can get the highest ROI for the client.

So defining the target audience into the GTM report is a must and makes sure it is neat and clean for a client to easily understand.

Buyer Journey


Buyer Journey


Create an influential buyers’ journey that improves customer engagement and increases sales. Each stage meets best practices for method, mode, and content driving greater buyer engagement.

Driving Traffic

  • Deploy an Organic & PPC campaign that drives new traffic and new customers.
  • Improve organic search results (SEO/SERP) over time (monthly tracking)
  • Test Google Ads campaign (real-time tracking)
  • Set limits on daily/weekly/ monthly budgets to cap expenditures.

Content Marketing Plan

Develop content appropriate for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Management System

Implement a system that monitors all paid/free search programs, provides real-time tracking of all critical variables, and allows for rapid adjustments in strategy.

That’s it.

As I mentioned before, If your Go to marketing strategy is well planned, There are Huge chances to convert a client into customers.



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