Common Questions that Dental Practice Ask Me about our Marketing Plan

questions dental practice ask marketing plan

There are 3 questions that dental practices ask me all the time when I talk to them about our marketing plan and I want to answer those right here.

So the first question I get asked is– Don’t you compete with yourself? if you work with me and another dental practice down the road, you’re going be competing against. We’ll be put ourselves against each other and you’ll be running ads against yourself.
Answer – We only work with one dental practice per area so we don’t work with any other dental offices near that area.

The second question people ask me is– they say Jigar when I go on to Google and I look things up, I personally never click the ads as I always scroll down and click on the organic results now More often than not the person asking me this is a business owner and more often than not business owners are fairly sophisticated intelligent business people who understand the basics of marketing.
Answer – I tell them is that you are not representative of your patients. The average person, who doesn’t understand the nuances of marketing and business, doesn’t even know the difference a lot of times between the ad symbol icon and the organic results and they certainly don’t know enough of the difference to consciously choose to pick the organic results.
And the last answer to this is that the numbers don’t lie. Google says 64% of people click on ads when there are searching online.

The last question I get asked is– This seems too good to be true. What’s the catch that can you actually deliver?
Answer – We’re so confident in this that we design all of our digital marketing pricing packages and plans to run on a month to month basis.
A lot of digital marketing agencies will make their clients sign a 36 or 12-month contract. We don’t do that and the reason we don’t do that is we’re so confident that our clients will get results the first month that there’s going to be no question about them signing on the big contract.
So that’s how we eliminate almost all of the risk for our clients we earn their business every single month.

If you’re interested in having will help you with your marketing needs, Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. thanks.