Complete Digital Marketing Case Study – End to End


This Case Study Includes:

My BookMyScans Journey
Execution of the Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy Planning
Achievement of Digital Marketing

Million Monthly Revenue


Monthly Inquiries


Monthly Website Visitors


Monthly Happy Customers

My BookMyScans Journey

In this case study, I am going to assert all of my personal participation and experience. In my journey, BookMyScans (Amansh Healthcare Pvt Ltd.), a startup healthcare industry was the last company where I had endeavor for 2 years as a Digital Marketing Manager. is the DSA Partner of Thyrocare. At present, the CEO of the company is Shyam Balaji. The main services of BookMyScans include MRI Scans, Master Health Checkup, CT Scans, Elective Surgeries, and PET-CT Scans.

I began my Journey in BookMyScans in February 2018 with a vision of “Affordable Healthcare to common man” when the company was shifted from Coimbatore to Bangalore. My role was to handle complete Digital Marketing through various channels and to give directions to many other Digital Marketing Executives working under me thereby achieving monthly Goals and Targets of the company.

Digital Marketing Strategy Planning

Mentioned below are the different Digital Marketing Strategies and planning that I had implemented for BookMyScans.

Immediately after joining, I had started working for CEO’s Vision and Goals. In order to achieve that, I use to plan various strategies and implement it with small digital marketing team which we are going to discuss in this Case Study. Listed below are BookMyScans Digital Marketing Channels with strategy and planning.

Google Ads Campaign

✓ Google Text Ads

✓ Google Display Ads

✓ Google Call Ads

✓ Gmail Ads

✓ YouTube Ads

Social Media Ads

✓ Facebook & Instagram Leads Ads Campaigns

✓ LinkedIn corporate Health checkup ads campaign

✓ Remarketing Ads campaign in Facebook & Instagram

Bing & Yahoo Ads Campaign

✓ Bing Text Ads

✓ Bing Text Ads

Quora Ads Campaign

✓ Quora Images & Text Ads Campaign targeting Keywords, Questions, Topics, Interests & Lookalike audience.

Email Marketing

✓ Bulk Email Marketing to Niche Database

✓ Email Newsletters to existing customers including Offers & Promotions, Remarketing

Whatsapp Marketing

✓ Whatsapp Campaign to Inquired Customers

✓ Bulk Whatsapp Marketing for Basic health checkup package

SMS Marketing

✓ SMS Campaign promotion to Inquired Customers

✓ Bulk SMS Marketing for Basic health checkup package

Market Place Tie-ups

✓ Had accomplished tie-ups with Pay TM mall, Amazon & Nearby to get Health Checkup Leads.

Social Media Organic Marketing

✓ Daily Posting on all Social Media channel

✓ Engage the Audience through Social Media organic posting

✓ Achieved more than 2 lakh views on Organic Video Posting in YouTube

SEO Optimization

✓ 5000+ keywords are ranking in Google

✓ 3,00,000+ monthly impressions through Google organic

✓ 4000+ search volume of “Book My Scans” broad match search terms

✓ Voice Search Optimization on Blog Post

✓ Schema Property Implementations (Reviews, Feature snippet, Videos, QA Snippet etc…)

✓ 25,000+ monthly views on Quora Organic Posting

✓ Dynamic Popup on Exit time, scroll down, and Time based on blog

Remarketing Ads Campaign

✓ Have targeted audience who visited our website earlier through Facebook, Instagram, Email, SMS, Quora & Whatsapp with a discount code of other services.

Media Marketing

✓ Run small video ads campaign with Hotstar, TVF Play, Ullu, and few other Video streaming mobile apps.

Influence Marketing

✓ Find niche influencer and ask them to tell about us to their audience on their YouTube Channels, Instagram Profiles, and Blogs/website stories.

Happy Customers

✓ Coordinate with happy customers and ask them to post feedback in their social media profile, asking for a selfie video for our YouTube channel.

Execution of the Digital Marketing Strategy

Pre Post Campaign Strategy

Current Performance

Marketplace Opportunities

Competitor Benchmarking

Keyword Analysis

On Page Optimization

Finance Strategy

70% of the total spent that was on Pay Per Click includes Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Bing Ads, etc…

15% of the total spent was on Email & SMS, Whatsapp Marketing.

10% of the total spent on Media Ads Marketing.

5% of the total spent on Influencer Marketing.

Reporting Intelligence

After the completion of every 10 days, reports will be planned and made for the following:

  • Monthly Analyze report to improve & changes of ads campaign.
  • Monthly Channel wise ROI Report for Future Strategy.
  • Monthly Channel wise conversion report to check leads quality.
  • Monthly Agent wise (CRE) Conversion Report.
  • Monthly Dropped Leads report with Reason of Rejected.
  • City wise Dropped Leads report with Reason of rejected.
  • Monthly Meeting with CRE team on improving the conversion rate and also on the challenges that they had faced with leads.

Digital Marketing Achievement for BookMyScans

✓ 14000+ monthly inquiries (8000+ Scans, 4500+ HC, 1500+ Surgeries)
✓ 65000+ monthly website visitors.
✓ 3,00,000+ monthly Google organic impressions.
✓ 5000+ Google Organic Keywords rankings.
✓ 6500+ monthly happy customers.
✓ 19 million+ monthly revenue.

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