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Client Details

  • Client Name – Bartley’s Square Family Dental Centre
  • Target Location – Brampton, Canada
  • Promotion Channel – Google Ads, Facebook
  • Ads Spent – $2600 Monthly
  • Patient Inquiries – 129 Customers
  • New Patients – 30+ New Patient
  • Revenue – $60,000 Monthly (LTV)
  • Services – General Dentistry, Implants, Root Canal

Let’s break down the complete process and understand how exactly we did…

So let’s jump right in onto.

Google Ads

Google likes making money just like anyone else so it prioritizes address over its organic results which are down after the first 4 ads on search results.


So the first thing someone sees when they search keywords on Google is who has chosen to pay and run ads for a search term, and this is exactly what we set up for our dental client. (Bartley’s Square Family Dental Centre).


And this is step one of the process. To go a little bit more into detail, below are some examples of Google ad copies, which we planned.

These are ad copies we used for a dental client in Brampton, Ontario. This ad, in particular, focuses on people that are looking for a general dentist, Implants, and Root canal.


I have below screenshot it shows exactly how often people search the term dentist Brampton in Brampton so you can see that people are searching this term more than 1300 every single month.

Landing Page

Landing pages essentially a one-page website and it converts 2 times as many conversions as a normal website. The reason for this is that landing pages are highly focused on just one goal which is encouraging the viewer to either call or email.


Below are the landing pages URL which we developed for our dentist client to achieve conversions.


  • New Patient Landing Page –
  • Mercury Free White Fillings Landing Page –


So above are examples of the landing page that we’re using for the promotion of the dental client services. Google ads stream when people click on the ads and they end up on the landing page. You can see on a landing page that as soon as they land, the 2 options are to contact the dental practice via email or via at track phone number and if they choose to scroll down this entire landing page is geared around encouraging them to contact the dental practice.


We create different landing pages for each one of the different services that we focus on. So there’s a different one for general dentistry a different one for implants, root canals.


We deal with the prospect converts which means email or phone contacts of the dental practice but if they don’t convert they will leave the page. And when they leave the page, we follow them around with retargeting ads campaign.


If they choose to leave the page then we approach them back to stage 3 which is Facebook retargeting.

Facebook Retargeting

Research shows that retargeting campaigns are 5 times effective as normal advertising campaigns.


I’ll show you an example of what that looks like right now. Here are pictures of Facebook retargeting ads that we used for our dental client to target users who viewed our landing page previously through Google ads.


Likes to focus on acquiring new dental patients is that these Facebook ads will follow people around for the next 30 days after they view the landing page.

Dental Marketing Strategy Conclusion

So this is how we really extract the maximum amount of value through our paid Google ads investment and some of the ads spend into the Facebook retargeting so another way to look at this 3 step process is instead of it being a linear system, we can look at it like this where the Google ads bring people into the system and then they bounce back between the landing pages and the Facebook retargeting ads in till they become a patient of our client.


The really interesting thing about this is that we have something going on like this and what we can do is to duplicate this entire system for every different service that our clients offer so we have a system like this before general dentistry we have a system like this for Invisalign and then we have a system like this for implants.

Ads Spent

You might be having questions that how much overall value that we generate each month for our clients and how much does it cost to produce this.


And the answer is we generate $60000 revenue from spent of $2600 on digital marketing ads campaign so we are getting an approx 30 times to return on our ad spent.


One other thing to mention, is for a profitable business which means we do charge a management fee to manage this $2600 of ad spend and that needs to be factored into the overall return on investment.

However, that does very little bit from revenue generate for a dental practice to the return on investment and still, it is strikingly positive.


We sent every monthly report to our clients to track the complete process. We segregated by email and call leads you can check on the below report image.

We track every lead that we generate for our dental clients so they can absolutely track the impact that our digital marketing is having on their business.

Lifetime Value of Dental Patient (LTV)

The average lifetime value of dental patients now is a very conservative estimate and what this takes into account is the number of times this patient will return to the dental practice throughout their lifetime.


The really interesting thing about this is that we have something going on like this and what we can do is to duplicate this entire system for every different service that our clients offer so we have a system like this before general dentistry we have a system like this for Invisalign and then we have a system like this for implants.


The lifetime value of a dental patient is between $2000 to $24000.


Dentistry is all about recurring revenue and acquiring quality new patients is worth the initial investment so the way to build a successful dental practice is to really think of the lifetime value of your patients.


Our assumption of the lifetime value is being $2000 now which is the least amount.


So for this client, we used to generate 30 new patients each month using above digital marketing strategies which say 30*$2000, which means dental practice generates $60,000 on average.

Why digital marketing is so effective for dentists?

There are 2 main reasons for this.


    • The first main reason is that the average value of a conversion for a dentist defined as them acquiring a new patient is very high as we analyzed it’s at least $87. When we’re working with those kinds of numbers it’s easier to generate a very positive return on investment for a dentist with digital marketing.
    • The second reason is that people searching for dental services have a very high buying intent. They’re not just doing window shopping; they’re not just looking for the fun of it. When someone goes into Google and type dentist near me there’s a very high chance that that person wants to become a patient.


With the above 2 reasons in combination, this is why we’re able to deliver such strong results to our dentist clients.

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